Process Gas Consumers Group

PGC is a national trade association of industrial natural gas consumers who require natural gas in many of their key operations. PGC works to promote coordinated, rational and consistent federal and state policies relating to natural gas and its transportation.

PGC member companies represent a broad cross-section of U.S. industry, both geographically and in terms of products produced, including metals, cars, textiles, chemicals, glass, fertilizer and other manufactured products. These industrial operations employ millions of people and consume over half a trillion cubic feet of gas annually.

New Developments:

FERC Technical Conferences on Gas/Electric Coordination

PGC recently participated in all five of the FERC technical conferences on gas/electric coordination. 

Special thanks to the PGC Members that spoke: Terry Huch with CF Industries, Rob Cooper with USG Corporation, Tina Burnett with Boeing and Dave Ciarlone (who participated at two conferences) with Alcoa.  Other participants: Audrea Hill and Ken Florizone with Potash Corporation, and Mike Auger with US Energy Services, Inc.

We have had many positive feedback from people in the industry about PGC's participation, the quality of the remarks offered, the knowledge of the people who participated and on and on. 

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